The management of Media Assets On-line is one of the most difficult problems most companies deal with in a day-to-day work cycle. Capturing, managing and distributing these media files often requires a full time person for a small business and entire department(s) for a large enterprise. The problems are only growing more acute as images and “time based media” like digital video and audio become commonplace communication platforms for companies in every industry. On the horizon is virtual reality and holographic 3D simulations which will require yet another transformation in IT infrastructure, new partnerships and new integration services.

What We Do.

At MAON we focus on providing companies large and small with tools to manage their media assets in the digital age. Our experience informs us that there are three key elements to any successful IT implementation.

The Independent Software Vendor (Apps)
The Systems Integrator (Glue)
The IT Infrastructure Vendors (Iron)
Gluing apps on iron is not easy – some might say it’s impossible but to give it a go we focus on three areas that make a difference for those who try.

Digital Asset Management Software
Partnership/Alliance Ecosystems
Enterprise/Cloud storage infrastructure
By leveraging our knowledge, experience and contacts in these key domains we help customers develop and implement simple solutions to complex problems. We reduce cost, increase revenue and improve both customer and employee experience with digital media.